Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How did Wedding Season Sneak Up????

Well, I guess I should expect it.... Wedding Season is upon us again and it seems like I'm at that age where every few weeks there's a wedding, shower, bachelorette party, or engagement party! The best part of these events seems to be the excuse to buy a new dress, pair of shoes, or earrings. The first wedding I am attending is May 8th. I've decided on this dress but can't decide on the accessories and shoes.... What do y'all think??


  1. Love the dress! I'm thinking lots of chunky black bracelets--maybe some gold, too, since it looks like that's what the model has on, small earrings...Not sure about the shoes..What does the model have on? Basically- wear it like the photo- I LOVE IT! Where is the dress from?

  2. The dress is from the limited.... i love it! I wish I could have ended up wearing it, but it really didn't end up going with his suit :( Thanks for the imput!