Monday, May 7, 2012

Riffraff Crazy!

So... I try not to overspend. Daily. But I'm a shopper. J's the saver, I'm the spender. End of Story. Riffraff does not help this at ALL. I bought some super cute jewelry and clothes today.
How adorable is this ruffle dress? It'll be amazing for the beach next week! 

I hate sequins... NORMALLY. Not this time. 

This adorable tunic is going to be amazing with capris and sperrys!! Had to wait forever since they were sold out! 

"Bless this Mess" 

No. This is not Cody. This is Cody's new bow tie collar! 

In this adorable summer print! Via
So. I've been spending when I should be saving... Anyone got tips for a compulsive shopper/ eater? 
Hope you all had a good start to your week! I was a very productive glass blower today! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Farmer's Market Success

I go to the Farmer's market at least once a week, but sometimes I go both Friday night and Saturday Morning! This week I went both! I've been looking into buying into a CSA but have decided to wait until next year due to the cost and late start time.
Some of my goods from the Mainstreet Festival! Ate everything the first night! 

My favorite salad... like ever! Mixed lettuces, carrots, strawberries, radishes, sautéed mushrooms, eggs, and chicken!
Are any of you members of a CSA? Give me the scoop, amazing or not? Worth it?


Friday, May 4, 2012

Back to our scheduled programming....

So I didn't mean to have two posts for today, but last minute decided to link up with Kelly's Korner! All of my besties are.... getting married, having babies, trying for babies.... ya get the picture. So i've been dying to host a shower because I love to decorate for these things, and baking is my specialty! I hope someone has a girl because I would die to be able to have some fun with this decor. Not that it couldn't be done in boy colors, but peach, coral, and pink are my favorite right now colors. 

 These are the dream colors of my someday nursery!
 This is much more wedding like but could easily be adapted to suite an shower/occasion.
 I will attempt macaroons one day very soon :)
 If you notice all the scenes have a common theme. Dessert! I know how I show my <3.
All images are via pinterest.... I'd love to be able to individually source them but sometimes Pinterest makes it harder to do so :(



Following along with Kelly's Korner today I decided to write about.... ME!

       I'm a 25 year old nontraditional art student. I concentrate on glass blowing primarily but work 50 hours a week at my "big girl" job. I live with my boyfriend of 2 years, Justin, and we have a little Papillon named Cody.

I go to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL.

 I'm about 2 hours from Nashville TN and an hour and a half away from St. Louis, MO. If I'm not working on my art I'm probably baking, shopping, or doing something active. Before living in Carbondale I lived in Upstate SC and Central IL. I'm just a normal 25 year old looking forward to graduation, looking for bigger and better things, learning how to grow up! I'd love to meet ya'll KK has amazing meet ups but you can't look up everyone so I'd love for ya'll to comment so I can check your blog out!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


SO I work... a ton. 50+ hours a week plus school and my art. Which means I never have time for me. This week I drank twice... and boy do I feel it. I'll be exhausted for days. Vacations. They never happen. At least they never had. But then again I never got paid vacation when I didn't have a big girl job. So my first week of vacation is going to be May 12-23. Yeah That's Like 11 days. Cray cray huh. There are a few pluses to dealing with college kids, unhealthy food, and guests complaining on a daily basis. So... J and I had decided we would do something low key for our first vacay of the summer... My bestie from college is now living up in Glencoe, IL, a beautiful suburb of Chicago.

Er in her natural element! Phone in hand @ work. (Twigs, a floral shop her and her mother own) 

 Her family owns a cottage on Lake Michigan in New Buffalo, an adorable little waterfront town. She invited us up to visit, do some shopping, layout, and for J's benefit see a White Sox game.
 There's not a much better rivalry than the Cubs/ White Sox.... And I cannot wait to see a game in Wrigley Field! I'm a hardcore Cards fan but I'll take my man's team in a game like this!
 Erin and I will obviously be supporting our team in true rivalry fashion :)
 I am so excited to see my best friend who i haven't seen in like 6 months and spend a week with her. On the way back we are going to hit up my hometown and visit the fam. Officially less then two weeks til we leave and all that I have to do is finish up some glass work for the end of the semester. SUPER pumped.

Ya'll have an amazing couple days! I have a few adorable posts planned for this week!