Friday, May 4, 2012

Back to our scheduled programming....

So I didn't mean to have two posts for today, but last minute decided to link up with Kelly's Korner! All of my besties are.... getting married, having babies, trying for babies.... ya get the picture. So i've been dying to host a shower because I love to decorate for these things, and baking is my specialty! I hope someone has a girl because I would die to be able to have some fun with this decor. Not that it couldn't be done in boy colors, but peach, coral, and pink are my favorite right now colors. 

 These are the dream colors of my someday nursery!
 This is much more wedding like but could easily be adapted to suite an shower/occasion.
 I will attempt macaroons one day very soon :)
 If you notice all the scenes have a common theme. Dessert! I know how I show my <3.
All images are via pinterest.... I'd love to be able to individually source them but sometimes Pinterest makes it harder to do so :(


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  1. what an awesome post :)
    I love macarons :)