Tuesday, May 1, 2012


SO I work... a ton. 50+ hours a week plus school and my art. Which means I never have time for me. This week I drank twice... and boy do I feel it. I'll be exhausted for days. Vacations. They never happen. At least they never had. But then again I never got paid vacation when I didn't have a big girl job. So my first week of vacation is going to be May 12-23. Yeah That's Like 11 days. Cray cray huh. There are a few pluses to dealing with college kids, unhealthy food, and guests complaining on a daily basis. So... J and I had decided we would do something low key for our first vacay of the summer... My bestie from college is now living up in Glencoe, IL, a beautiful suburb of Chicago.

Er in her natural element! Phone in hand @ work. (Twigs, a floral shop her and her mother own) 

 Her family owns a cottage on Lake Michigan in New Buffalo, an adorable little waterfront town. She invited us up to visit, do some shopping, layout, and for J's benefit see a White Sox game.
 There's not a much better rivalry than the Cubs/ White Sox.... And I cannot wait to see a game in Wrigley Field! I'm a hardcore Cards fan but I'll take my man's team in a game like this!
 Erin and I will obviously be supporting our team in true rivalry fashion :)
 I am so excited to see my best friend who i haven't seen in like 6 months and spend a week with her. On the way back we are going to hit up my hometown and visit the fam. Officially less then two weeks til we leave and all that I have to do is finish up some glass work for the end of the semester. SUPER pumped.

Ya'll have an amazing couple days! I have a few adorable posts planned for this week!

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