Monday, February 20, 2012

Cravings, lusts, and SPRING!

So it feels like spring here. I had an amazing weekend off. Got to meet my bestie from back home in St. Louis for a bit of shopping and quality time. It was kind of a depressing trip for both of us... neither one of us found too much. (I ended up picking up a book and some lotion I LOVE at anthro)
After we finished shopping we met her hubby Griffin and his brothers for a few drinks at Schlafly brewery. Their food is great and you obv. can't complain about the beer! Someone had the random idea to go ice skating. So that's what we did... outdoors.... in the cold. It was a blast! I've been on a crazy search for a new dining room table and I think I found the one. Simple. Understated. Versatile.
And then the chairs... spice it up, or do I go basic as well?
My sweet tooth is running rampant right now and I have to leave you guys with my random pleasure. Williams Sonoma may be my favorite store.... and not just because of these.....
I hope you all have an amazing Monday. Work is crazy, school is crazy, life is crazy. Embrace it.