Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everyone needs a weekend away......

Last weekend I took a LAST minute road trip up to Chicago...My ex prom date was turning 25 and all of our college friends would be getting together to celebrate! I couldn't miss the chance to have some fun with old friends.

I stayed with my bestie from my freshman year of college! It was a great reunion! Like no time had ever passed! Of course we had to start with a couple margaritas at a nearby mexican joint. We caught up a bit and then she gave me the basic "tour" of Libertyville.

What kind of trip would it be without a visit to the local flea market. ( I mean who can resist amazing finds and great photo ops!)

One of my favorite things to do is look at the jewelry and vintage buttons.

I'm redoing an old mirror right now! I'm dying to post pics but I have to wait until its totally done!

This purse seemed a bit creepy but still appealing? if it hadn't had such a steep price tag I would have walked home with it for sure. :(

My friend Erin that I was visiting owns and runs a flower shop called "Twigs" with her Mom! I'd heard quite a bit about it but hadn't been able to see it so here's a few pics of the shoppe when we went to take a look!

Isn't it just adorable?

We met the birthday boy, his gf, and some other friends out at the The Cubby Bear in Lincolnshire. Some of my friends obviously couldn't get off the dance floor!

The birthday boy Chris and I posing for the camera! Just like prom 7 years ago! Okay so maybe we were a bit less intoxicated and a bit more innocent back then, but so what.

After the crazy night we all went and had brunch the next morning, then Erin and I did a bit of shopping and I made my 6 hour trip back down to the 'dale. ( Not without a trip to the COACH outlet where I found the cutest handbag down from 479 to 111. I'll try and remember to post pics ASAP)


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  1. Found your blog via FTLOB and so glad I did.
    I love your description .. "chasing butterflies" great idea! :)