Thursday, May 12, 2011

I don't know about you all but it's been HOT here! I've finally had to give in and buy more shorts!!( Mine are all too small from all the winter eating.) I've started a new diet, and hopefully will get a bit darker (lookin' mighty white these days) I came home for a few days since i finished all my finals but it's time to go back to work! All I want is a few afternoons to lay out and enjoy the amazing warmth! I went shopping when I got to town yesterday.... We have a Von Maur here which i cannot live without i must say! Here are a few of the things i purchased.....

I just love hats in the summer. I never do my hair and always want to look cute on the way to the pool and beach. The perfect solution!

I bought this shirt for the boy! He's a huge white sox fan!

These shorts are so comfy i bought two pairs. They aren't ridiculously short but not MOM long either. Hard to find recently!


  1. LOVE the shorts! Where did you get them? And the hat is adorable!

    Enjoying your blog:)

  2. oooooooh! I love love love the hat and the shorts! what great finds! where are they from? Thanks for sharing!

    -heather from

  3. I just bought a straw fedora hat from H&M and I love it! It took me forever to find one that fit my large noggin, but I finally did!

  4. The shorts are actually from KOHLs! How crazy is that! They had them in two colors. They had an identical pair fro VON MAUR.... But that's a less common store. I also got the hat from Von Maur but Forever 21 has some great finds as well!