Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random Sputter

I am really sick of friends who don't make an effort. This has been on my mind a lot lately. I am just as busy as anyone else but I still manage to stay in contact. People need to grow up and value the relationships they have. Big things are happening. I get it. They are happening to everyone. We are at that age. That doesn't mean you stop paying attention to everyone who helped you get there for years and years. This isn't just one person. Its multiple. Just a little vent session ladies. Thanks for listening. :)
Onto other news.....

I went back to cross fit yesterday. So pumped. Seriously after that workout I felt amazing. I mean I had a headache thought I could puke, and my equilibrium was off but still I just wanted to go back. Then I woke up this morning and decided it would be wise to wait until tomorrow. I am in PAIN. But the good kind you keep coming back for ya know? I started going to a new gym. They offer more times, its a more convenient location, and its slightly cheaper. There was nothing wrong with the old one, but this new one seems a bit less hardcore. And they have a gym next door and offer yoga classes as well. I am going to get back in shape if it kills me! Next summer I will be wearing whatever I want!!!
I finally got some pictures on my wall yesterday (We have lived here for 4 months!) And had Sharon over with Austin and Bella over for dinner. A little Cody play time didn't hurt either. :)

We had a good mellow time! Super  sweet kids. Austin might be the sweetest boy I've ever met! And Bella... Look at how cute that little one is. Almost makes me want a two year old. ALMOST :)
Hope everyone's week is going amazing. I'm headed to the gym to try and work out some of this soreness. I will be working the next 7 days straight before heading off to Maine and then getting back just in time for school to start. Cannot wait!!! My little sister moves down in less than a week!

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