Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Catchup and Instagram

It's been a crazy week but really I've just been extremely unmotivated.... And then sick. ugh. We haven't been doing too much here. The boy quit his job and so we have been enjoying some MAJOR quality time together. Now. Find. A. Job. It's stressing me out. Definitely more than its stressing him. On top of that nothing new is going on but we did do a bonfire with friends to celebrate Sharon GRADUATING! 

And now for the instagram vomit. Sorry in advance.
My Glass silhouette pieces 

3 Glass frames with silhouettes.... Can be personalized for your own child according to style and color. 

This pretty girl Devon just moved... SO SAD. We've worked together for 2 1/2 years and she's the sweetest girl ever! 

And Happy Happy Birthday to this adorable boy Gentry. 3!!! 
There hasn't been much going on recently but I'm staying busy cleaning, cooking, working out, and getting ready for school to start!! Spent my afternoon doing some shopping with Sharon and her adorable son Austin. Is everyone ready for school to start???

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