Thursday, July 26, 2012

Knits, Tweeds, and Boots oh my!

So Fall is my FAVORITE season if you guys don't already know that. All my favorite stores are transitioning to fall clothing in the next few weeks and I am getting super excited. Of course Pinterest never hurts my urge for the seasons to change... along with the fact that it was 105 degrees yesterday!

 A good pair of fall boots can really make an outfit. Spend the most you can on boots and handbags. They last so much longer if they're nice and the add so much richness to every outfit!
 Skinny jeans and I have a love hate relationship... My booty is not small, at all. But well fitted, paired with a looser shirt and boots it makes for a super cute outfit you'll be comfortable in. I truly LOVE Kohl's Rock and Republic Skinnies. They run $80 normally but you can usually get em on sale for $59.99. ( I was a huge BKE, Lucky, Miss Me fan but with Skinnies it isn't as important to me, I like a nice simple skinny without much of a pocket style)
 Gold, Earth Tones, and Plaids will always be in, especially in the fall. I absolutely love this dressed up combo but I would never be able to wear the dress... My hips are too wide. Knowing what you can and cannot wear with your  body style is a MUST.

 This handbag is beautiful!! i will either be buying a new Louis, Frye, or Coach this year depending on what I fall in love with! Keep checking up on the blog for a SALE, I really wanna sell some old Coach purses and shoes!

Such a CLASSIC. The statement necklace and handbag make this outfit. Notice the boots. Two toned is never a bad idea, SO VERSATILE :)
Simple everyday outfit to wear to school! Comfy and Casual; this would work for most occasions. 

I am absolutely in LOVE with this outfit. The chunky sweater, casual prep style, and the statement boots. Nothing could make me want to wear this more. In fact it almost makes me wish my hair was still long so I could wear a "knot".
I am by no means a fashionista but I $$Spend$$ when it comes to fall clothing. I don't know if its back to school shopping or what but I can't control myself this time of year!

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