Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I think they call it a "Staycation"?

I have officially been off for 11 days straight. It's been phenomenal y'all. I mean seriously. Do I have to go back tomorrow? To answer that... yes, I do. But I've been slacken' a bit on the blogging.... But I've been uber productive... ok semi productive....  But i got a tan too! Fair warning. This is a kinda picture heavy post.
A little of taste of what I've been reading.... I see a theme. 

There was a sale :) 

I spent a large portion of my days canning, cooking, and freezing meals for the  next two weeks. Super pumped that I got everything we needed for less than 100 dollars! A whole bother post in itself! 

New VS Bikini. All while staying in budget! 

As some of you may remember I'm in a glass class. This is just something I'm working on!
PS. If I asked for pics from you get em to me!!! You'll get something out of it!! 

OOTD... The detail is not great but It's a sleeveless tank with sequin pockets and a cuffed sleeve. I wore Rock and Republic Skinny jeans and leather flips <--- All from kohl's... and a Michael Kors Watch and RiffRaff Bracelets. 

My baby boy 

Justin and I before Floating :) 

My mom and I 

Sharon and I... Girls night out always ends with retarded duck faces. And we may or may not be getting too close to 30! 

Walking with my boys tonight :) 
I had the most amazing vacay. I couldn't have asked for a better week hangin' out, relaxing, and getting stuff done. I'm counting down for all of the amazing weekends we have planned every month through the semester! This weekend I get to see one of my favorite girls in a musical, next week is hunting, and I'm kicking my cardio up to 1 hour a day before this wedding. :) Hope everyone is having a phenomenal summer! 

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