Sunday, July 1, 2012

A delightful week

Some weeks are amazing. I've worked for the last 6 days but somehow.... I've had an amazing week. Bach party and wedding shower with a good friend from HS last weekend, girls nights out, date nights with J, and seeing one of the besties in a play :) Overall it's been the perfect summer week except for the 108 degree temps here.

My best friend from high school Kirsten and I on the night of her bach party!! I don't think we look a day older than 12 years ago when we met!!! Love this girl to pieces. 

Kirsten and her presh daughter Ava at her wedding shower! 

Lindsay and her costars in Bye Bye Birdie! J was such a good sport to attend with me! 

This shizzzzz seems like just what I need right now. Drama at work and all the shallow relationships in my life mean nothing! 

My friend Heather and I out for girls night... don't mind my Alfalfa hair!
Hope you guys are having an amazing week as well. Next blog. Budgeting 101. Not my strongest  but I'm trying.

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