Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Throwback and Busyness

I have been MIA for almost a week now. Fortunately it's because I've been doing AMAZING things. First... Whole 30. I have not had a carb or dairy product or processed item in 1 WEEK. Sugar... well that's another story. I've been having at least one piece of hard candy a day and I feel like I'm failing but then I remember what I used to eat everyday and I feel ok. Next month I don't plan on going back to my old diet. I plan to take out sugar, the only bit of processed food I have left in my diet. I feel amazing.  I think the worst is behind me. I don't know if I'm losing weight but I'm sure not gaining it. I will start cross fit next week!
Summer school has started. It could be a horrible thing but then again it could be art history. Instead it's a glass class focusing on imagery in glass. Summer school= class from 9 am- 1pm and then work from 4 pm-2 am everyday. Rough. I'm working with vintage family photos to put into my artwork.

A picture of my mom, her twin, and their brother.... Super cute. Being incorporated into a glass piece somehow this summer! (1964?) 

Found this while looking for other old pics. It's my Great Aunt Dorrie and I. 2000 

A picture I'm putting on a glass bottle this year.... Ive worked with it on photoshop and taken out all background. It's My grandmother at about 18? She died at the age of 28. I'm super excited to see how this piece transforms. 

Today has been a different story. Think uncomfortable. Ok so think about waking up unable to open your eye. Its all gross and gunky and its unbearable. I took a detour on the way to class to the eye doctor. Oh yea no big deal... Pink EYE. I'm 26 years old. I thought Pink eye was for 6 year olds. That's about how long it's been since I've had it. Anyways, they set me up with antibiotics and hopefully I am in the process of healing. Glasses and all.
Well tonight's movie night in with the babe. I officially start vacation on Saturday. Kicking off with a BBQ and a visit from my mom, and then Sunday my dad and stepmom will be down dropping off Dash their 4 month old Boston Terrier we will be watching for 3 days! Next weekend Justin and I will head down to current river with the fam for some quality time... super excited for the times ahead of us. Already dreaming of fall via pinterest!!!

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