Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Floating Sort of Weekend

When floating on a raft for 8 hours wear sunscreen. Lots. Bring food. Don't drink so much the night before that you have to get off the raft to puke. Wear shoes. Stay sober enough to ward off the evil trees protruding from the current. Always go with best friends. Bring an air mattress. Do your research. Relax and enjoy yourself.

A fully packed car. 4 bottles of vodka and 4 cases of beer. 

J and I. Try not to stare at the double chin and horribleness that is me without makeup. 

Linds and Tim

Linds and I after a losing game of Spades. 

My big boy. He went to the kennel for 2 days all by himself :) 
Always make sure you develop the waterproof cameras pics so that you can share via blog :) When more pics are developed I promise I'll share!


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