Friday, June 15, 2012

Nashville.... Nothin' Better

My best friend, Jasper, just moved to Nashville last week, I had a long weekend and decided to go see her and help her unpack. Lucky for me she did all the unpacking before I got there so we were able to do some fun stuff instead :) 

We went to the Frist art museum and see two amazing Folk artist's work.... Bill Traylor taught himself to draw amazing folk drawings from memories on sharecropper's fields and Gee's Bend Quilts and Thornton Dial's Modern Sculptures and Prints. (Both were good but Traylor was much more impressive to me.) 

 After we posed for a few pics in the gift shop :) The next day I was able to meet up with my friend Laura for a quick lunch at Chipotle and a run over to the mall for WS. 

We spent quite a bit of our time being low key. I did get to work out both days and catch up on some horrible chic flicks. I didn't do much by way of shopping other that Williams Sonoma and Trader Joe's. On the last night I was there we went to The Patterson House for some drinks. I absolutely loved it. May be my favorite drinks ever. They make all drinks from scratch and only serve pre-prohibition drinks. It was a great trip and I know she is going to do amazing at her new job too bad I'll miss her like crazy!

Hope you all are gavin' an amazing week! It's finally Friday!