Saturday, June 2, 2012

Life Via Instagram & I phone

Vacay was amazing. Life is good. Working 50 hours a week seems like time off considering I'm not going to school this summer. I'll have vacation posts soon but here's a little taste of the enjoyment I've been having!
Dani, Jasper, Becca, and I... a Neo of Hot girls :) 

"Dash", Dad's new dog & I... How adorable is he! 

Something cute an old roommate posted... I thought ya'll would like..... "I like to do it standing up, I like to do it laying down, I always wear protection, and I like to get sprayed" An advertisement for a tanning salon! 

Float trip in 6 days!! Had to buy a few new bikinis for the trip :)
Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret 

Juicy Couture @ TJ Maxx

The bestie with Cody

The necklace I just got from RiffRaff.... That was supposed to say "Bless this Mess" ..... Is that an omen? 

Justin and Cody

Cody boy lookin' possessed

An adorable sign my girl Erin sent me via Snail Mail!! How sweet is she?? 
Overall it's been a crazy few weeks! I cannot wait to get some time to catch up on everything. Do ya'll have any amazing summer plans?



  1. Love your blog and love that you live in Illinois! :)

  2. Thanks ladies! We will definitely have to put together an illinois bloggers meet up! It's so hard to find bathing suits that fit Michelle, It seems like VS is the only place that works for me! Hope ya'll are having an amazing weekend!