Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Great Low Cal Drink and More

I have found a drink I absolutely love for all you ladies watchin' your calorie intake this summer! It's simple and its pretty good for ya as well! I've been putting vodka, squeezed lemons, water, and a packet or two of splenda in a glass and making my own shake ups! A shot is right at a 100 calories.... Not too bad for a delicious summer drink! Tastes just like a shake up from the fair! I sometimes add a splash of lime juice to it as well. Most bartenders will make this upon request! I've been getting it everywhere lately! (Most places just charge you for the shot of vodka so its a reasonable drink as well!)

The past week has been crazy busy and unfortunately I have been doing a whole lot of randomness! First off, I've been doing something I shouldn't be. I decided not to take one of my summer classes which frees me up until July 12! I am so excited about this but at the same time feel a bit guilty for takin' the time off. Well then what have I been doing instead? I've been decent about my diet.... I started weight watchers a few weeks ago and have been running daily. I went to the beach with some friends yesterday and now I look like a lobster :( Buffalo has slowed down a bit since all the students are away for the summer but luckily i am still making pretty good money. (I will be working 40 hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend alone!)
I got back from Nashville on Monday early morning. Rob and I had a great time but Jasper and Casey had to cancel last minute. We got to Nashville, picked up our tickets, and headed to the mall. Unfortunately the mall I frequent while there was closed due to the flood! It didn't even cross my mind until we were there. We ate dinner and headed to the concert which is a whole separate post in itself. My soon to be roommate Bojan and I have been hanging out quite a bit since Rob is out of town. He's such a blast and has been able to introduce me to some really fun people!
Today I was able to make it to the Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale..... so much fun girls! I picked up a pair of "pink" fourth of july shorts, 2 bombshell bras, a sports bra, and 4 pairs of underwear for right at $100! I was very happy with my purchases! If you haven't been yet get there!
I know this is a out of character post for me but somehow i just felt i should record what I've been doing! I'm not used to having all of this free time!


  1. Hey there, new to following your blog so I wanted to stop in and say thanks for the drink tip! Sounds delcious!

    Also, my best friend just got a job at Victorias Secret and has been harping about the big sale. I've somewhat brushed it off, but now seeing how much stuff you have purchased for only $100 maybe I should check it out myself.

  2. Loved the update on "Lauren's Life" :) Keep them coming! lol