Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Bedroom Makeover

So I'm moving in the next month or so and I've decided I'm either going back to my old bedroom suite (comforter, quilt, sheets, etc.) or I'm going to get all new..... I wanted y'alls opinions. This is my old set.... It was used for about 4 months a few years ago, and I still just love it. Unfortunately I don't have the matching pillows and I don't think you can get them anymore :(

(Pink and Green of course!)

The bed I already have and will need to match whatever I pick....

My dresser.... I also have a nightstand and a small circular table in the cream color to go on the other side of the bed!

Would appreciate any advice you guys have!


  1. If you love it, keep it! You can surely find new pillows somewhere & add a little new to the old! Keep us updated!

  2. i love your linens girlie! i think some pillows in a green or yellow taken from the print would be awesome. and i think any light-ish wood tones would look amazing. if i run across anything cute, i'll send you a link for sure!

  3. Thanks guys! Appreciate the imput!

  4. Love the looks, am currently looking for new bedding too and am having the worst time at it!