Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lusts for the Week........

I've been watching my spending lately... and in turn have found I have quite a list of things I want! Ha! Too bad they are all fairly expensive things!!! Here's a list of a few of my wants for the next year. That's a reasonable goal, right?

I've been running every day and I am starting to dread winter when I won't be outside.... yeah I know its only June but a girls gotta be prepared! I want my own... is that selfish? The schools rec has no treadmills open in the winter!

A new Coach, it's been a few years since I've bought one. (Check out Olivia Harris! I was obsessed in her world for awhile) I'd like a new wallet as well since I've been keeping my money and id's in an envelope in my purse for awhile now.

A pomeranian! Come on isn't that on everyone's list? I really want a Pom but I know now isn't the right time. It wouldn't be fair to take on a dog when I have so much going on! (But I do know I want a red one just like this one and I want to name him Todd from the FOx and Hound!)

I've been wanting a cute bike for awhile now.... You can bike about anywhere in my town because it's so small!

What are your current Lusts?


  1. That coach purse, of course!! Love the carmel color! But I am also itching for a new LV bag. Oh how I'd love to have one of those!! ;-)

  2. I know! I don't know how much I'd actually be able to stand spend on a handbag! I want something classic but right now for the summer I'm carrying a big buddha bag..... Have you seen them?! If not check it out!

  3. lovin the purse and the puppy! of course!

  4. Sigh...Coach is my splurge. I buy a new one way more often than I should. You need to splurge and at least get you a waller girl!!!! I can't believe you're using an envelope. ;) I want a Pom sooooo bad!!! I've been begging my hubby for years. I'm currently lusting over Bonanno sandals. I need to just buy some already!!

  5. Just came across your blog through 'Confessions of a 20 something' - so cute! I want my own treadmill too... and I actually go that Coach bag as a Christmas gift -- Amazing!! I haven't stopped wearing it since :)

    Look forward to following and reading more from ya!

  6. Oh my I love all of the above. And wanting your own treadmill is definitely not selfish, or all of us that hate waiting for one at the gym would be selfish.

  7. hey lauren! just wanted to let you know that i left an award for you on my blog today!!