Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunset Concerts 2010

Every Thursday night in Carbondale we are lucky enough to have a free concert! It's either held in a park or on campus! It's for all ages, there are concessions. It is byob though. So much fun! We bring chairs and blankets, sit around and drink, dance, and then head to the bars. Some even bring living room furniture out and set it up! Such a riot!

This is a group shot of all the "buffalo" girls on Sunset night. Aren't they all just gorgeous! I've never worked at a place where everyone gets along so well and hangs out together!

Rob and I.... Thank goodness I have an amazing bf because I drank a bit too much that night and needed him to stay sober! (Hadn't really drank anything in a month or so!)

Suz, Erin, and I. These girls are so much fun, always great to go out with!

This is Jasper, my best friend in the whole world! I love this girl! I have never met someone so like me!!!

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